Custom Business Forms Printed Just for Your Business – Fast..

Today, it’s more important than ever to represent your company and brand properly on all of the print materials your customers interact with.  That’s why Burke Printing gets regular requests for custom business forms.

Custom Printed Business Forms

Some of the custom business form products we manufacture include; Invoices, Bills of Lading, Checks, Statements, Letterheads, Labels, Envelopes, and Business cards. Everything we provide is custom to your specifications and requirements.

Need something quick? We offer 24, 48 and 72 hour rush deliveries. We can even manufacture your order the same day if you really need it!

We can produce any combination of type, color, and size of paper for your multiple part custom Snap-Out, Edge glued(fan apart) and Continuous forms.

Flat Sheet
Custom Checks
Composition & Design

Let us know what you need.

” We help you grow your business”

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Mailing and Ink Jetting – We’ll Help You Get the Lowest Price Possible

Postage is now a serious factor when it comes to mailing. It threatens the profitability of many companies. WE have CASS – certified list processing aservices that can help you with eliminating duplicates and bad addresses which will help getting discounts for the mailings. Our mailing capabilities include cutting edge inkjet imagiing systems that will remove the need for labels and print postal barcodes for better discounts for mailings. The inkjet systems can also personalize both inside and outside of the saddle stitched materials.

Mailing and Ink Jetting - get the lowest postage rates

We understand the need of schedule integrity. When we make a promise, we keep that promise. We have great success in delivering our products on time or before the actual date needed. You can count on us for great service everyday.

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Cold Set or Heat Set Printing as Well as a Range of Binding Options – Burke Printing Offers it All

We offer both cold set and heat set web presses as well as sheetfed equipment – in a wide range of sizes and colors. We can usually find the right fit for you. The proper fitting for your job will require the right bindery. Burke printing offers both saddle stitching and perfect binding, from widths from 1/8 ” to 3 1/8 ” . Our perfect binding specialties include layflat as well as PUR gluing for stronger durability. Drilling, folding,shrink wrapping and polybagging are all part of our bindery department.

Call us today and a real human will help you determine what will work best for your print job!

Software Compatible Laser Checks – By Burke Printing

Laser Checks for:

Quicken/QuickBooks …and many other popular Software Programs!  Top, Middle and Bottom Checks Available.

  • Blue, Maroon, Teal, Black, or Green with Black Overprint
  • Choice of Lnen or Copy-Void Pantograph
  • Descriptive Security Endorsement Backer
  • Multiple Security Features, Including Thermochromic Ink, and a Backer with a Watermark
  • Three-Day Standard Delivery!
  • Stock Logos Available

3 Per Page Checks

3 Per Page Checks by Burke Printing

8 1/2 x 11 Voucher Checks

8 1/2 x 11 Voucher Checks by Burke Printing

Compatible Envelopes 


Specialty Labels of All Kinds – Burke Printing Has Them!

Burke Printing specializes in making specialty labels.  We have expereince making short runs or runs in the millions.  Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll get you a quote right away.

Pressure sensitive labels - Burke Printing

Speciallty Labels We Manufacture Include:Pressure sensitive labels, Apparel labels, OEM labels, Direct thermal transfer and thermal transfer labels, warning labels, Shipping labels, integrated labels, mailing labels, packing labels, and digital labels.

An experienced team of technical support personnel assist you in coming up with the best solutions to labeling problems. Cost effective pricing, reliable delivery make us an attractive resource for clients.

-Custom quotes returned within 3 hours
-Experienced service department to handle your needs
-A broad range of stock products shipping from 4 locations
-Competitive pricing on short runs as well as long run printed labels

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What Makes a Quality Customized Envelope

If you are just looking to send an undifferentiated mass letter, stop reading this post now.

If on the other hand you’re looking to represent your brand properly and to make a statement, I highly suggest you consider sending your mail in customized envelopes.

Custom Envelope

What makes a high quality customize envelope?

It starts with a 4 color print job.  Even if you go with a standard size envelope, you can still get a high quality custom feel by expanding the number of colors you use to print the envelope.  This is what I would consider the baseline for a customized envelope.

The second aspect to consider in a customized envelope is the type of paper stock you use.  The range of options goes from standard 24# white wove, to a Strathmore writing stock, with various linens and classic crust in between. 

The third aspect to consider is litho offset vs. digital.  Litho offset is done on more sophisticated equipment that produces higher quality printing results.  Digitial is great for small runs, but if you need ultra high quality or large runs, litho offset is the way to go.

The fourth aspect to consider is whether to use a custom size or a stock size envelope.  Custom sizes are made a little differently to fit whatever you’re trying to send and stock envelopes force you to have whatever you’re mailing conform to the envelope.  Custom size envelopes enable you to select from an infinite array of sizes, but they also allow you to specify other envelope characteristics such as the type of adhesive (regular gum vs. latex seal).

Burke Printing has 35 years of experience manufacturing customized envelopes and we have seen every type of envelope you can imagine.  If it can be made, we can make it for you.  Customized envelopes can be turned around as quickly as 24 hours, but more regularly they take about 10 days to manufacture.  This is compared to 3-5 days to print standard size envelopes.  Regardless of what you choose, we would love to have a conversation with you to discuss your custom needs.

Image credit: Ian Collins

High Quality 5 Color Heidelberg Press Catalog

High Qualtiy Print Catalogs take some experience to get just right.  Below is a little bit of detail about a recent project we completed.

Printed on our 5 color 40″ Heidelberg Press –   10,000 .  – 52 page + Cover- 11 x 17 – fold to 8.5 x 11 –  4CP + UV/4CP with full Bleed- Cover- 80# Gloss Cover – Body – 100# Gloss Text  – Trim – Fold – 3 Hole Drill – Saddle Stitch.

To give you an idea of how impressive these Heidelberg Press machines are take a look at the example of one below.  If you are serious about getting a high qualtiy print catalog you need to start with the right equipment!

Heidelberg Press for 5 Color Catalog


New Website

Our new website is finally up. We’ve worked hard to get a beautiful new site ready and we’re proud to show it off. Thanks for reading our blog. We have lots of great blog posts in the works. Please check back or contact us now to find out how we can help you.